Friday, 11 September 2015

Feeling Proud Of Myself

I had a terrible night’s sleep as I was worrying about driving to a new place and the gym fitness assessment follow up. Both situations can trigger anxiety for me.

During my previous marriage, my ex did most of the driving which was fine with me but I didn’t consider myself a confident driver. Now that I am with hubby, I do all the driving as hubby doesn’t drive. I’m getting more and more confident all the time but driving somewhere new can still bring on anxiety.

As for the gym, cardio can trigger anxiety because exercising can bring on similar symptoms as an anxiety attack.

Hubby, Coco and I jumped in the car this morning and headed off to Coco’s appointment with the dog groomer. The rain was falling and there was lots of traffic but I took it all in my stride and didn’t have much anxiety at all.

We headed to the gym next, our appointment was a breeze and we followed it up with a work out.

All that anxiety and worry for no reason. The fear I experienced before the situations was actually worse than the actual situations.

We popped home for a coffee before heading back to the dog groomer’s to pick up Coco. She looked fantastic and I didn’t experience any anxiety at all.


I’m feeling really proud of myself. 

Love KB


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  1. At the end of my drinking, my anxiety almost kept me completely spellbound, it would take me two glasses of wine, okay, three glasses of wine to drive in for groceries. Yes, I know that wasn't a good idea and totally wrong. So I didn't drive much. Now I find myself flying down highways, across country, through rush hour traffic, across the Mexican peninsula,where I still only speak about five words of Spanish, without a care.
    Just one more freedom that sobriety granted me.


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