Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Vicious Cycles

My CBT therapist referred me to a book – The Happiness Trap by Dr Russ Harris, M.D. I’ll be sharing my opinions on the book as I read through it.

Chapter 2: Vicious Cycles

I can relate to this chapter regarding vicious cycles. I often use control strategies to distract myself or avoid thoughts, situations and feelings. According to Chapter 2, control strategies can be useful if used in moderation.

One of the exercises in this chapter was to observe my behaviour for a couple of days and notice how control strategies were working for me. I have listed a few examples…

Vicious Cycle

I ate pizza and ice cream and drank wine in an attempt to feel good. I felt great for a couple of hours. The next day, I felt guilty and angry at myself because I believed I would never be able to lose weight or relax without wine.  I wanted to drink more wine to cheer myself up and escape the thoughts and feelings I was experiencing.


I sat in the car while hubby did the grocery shopping because I had a headache and am more likely to get anxious when I feel ill.

I also like to watch TV to avoid certain thoughts and feelings.

That’s all from me today, the next chapter awaits.

Love KB


  1. I had to take games and FB off my phone, as I use them to avoid things.

  2. I know all about avoidance... it was so tough to stop using all the things I did to avoid the pain and sadness I had to deal with... I ended up crying a lot and I was unsure if I would/could ever feel good again... slowly and I do mean slowly I am getting there... I think I use exercising to zone out from time to time but at least that is a healthy one xox

  3. Just remember I am here and love you xxxx


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