Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Hubby Doesn't Know His Left From His Right

I worked on some of my CBT homework today by driving to a new destination.

Hubby is my GPS and usually very good at pointing me in the right direction. Unfortunately, he sometimes confuses his left and right. He instructed me to turn right at a roundabout and then informed me that the building we were heading for was in the opposite direction. I figured out what he meant and drove all the way around the roundabout and headed back in the right direction.

In the past, going the wrong way or not knowing exactly where I was going could raise my anxiety levels, but today we just laughed about it.

That’s all from me today

Love KB


  1. Glad to know you were able to laugh about it this time round! I actually can't know my lefts from my rights unless I use my hands. I just forget xD

  2. Laughter is great, KB, I am so glad you were able to laugh about it!

  3. That is a great way to handle life when things like this happen xox

  4. KB, I have been there before. But now that both of us are getting on in age and have mellowed down we too laugh about our mistakes and get over it.

  5. lol I am sorry to add that my husband also confuses his left and his right but luckily I am the GPS so I just say go left and if he heads right I say no your other left!!

  6. keep laughing, it is the best medicine.


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